The pros and cons of purchasing

80 percent of millionaires ride “used” machines. Established fact, and it generally suffices to show: people who can count money, you know some of the advantages of such a purchase. And talk about this.


Not to relax, let’s start with the most obvious downsides. A few of them, but they are pretty solid. The first thing that should – wear components and parts. Accordingly, the resource of the car decreases. Problem diagnosis.

The second point – no warranty. Well, what can you do, nowhere to go, something broke – replaceable. At the same time and looking at the service stations and masters, this certainly will always come in handy.

And finally, third, the most important thing is a high risk to detect criminal past of the machine. Here, too, not really “bother” is sufficient to refer to the stationary post of traffic police with a request to check the car on the database, on the subject of finding in the investigation or pledge. This, of course, not enough, but at every examination and searches may take such amount that the purpose of the purchase is simply lost. However, there are some rules that can help you find the history of the car, and I will tell you in next time, but for now let us turn to the pros.

Let’s start with the most important benefits is the price. Having a fixed amount, you can buy a car of higher class than “from scratch”, which is a higher level of security. This is a plus.

From the money issue, by the way, leaves and plus number two is comfort. “Naked” without auto mileage or usany”, but more powerful, and with the “stages” of luxury? Yeah, I understand.

Now plus the number three. Being serviced at authorized dealer, we retain the warranty, but received a large portion of bewilderment. As a replacement for oils and candles can cost 10 thousand? Yes the filters are there, yet every little thing, but this amount to me still seems disproportionately large. Now, buying cars with mileage, I can with pleasure to say goodbye to the “official” and find quite a decent one HUNDRED, where I for the same money from the machine candy will do.

Now about the mileage. Experienced mechanics know that the race is not just a wasted resource, and great ground to each other components and parts. Yes, you don’t have to go running, but it’s worth it. In addition, during operation, identified all deficiencies, including serious, so I recorded it in plus the number four.

And last, as a rule, the previous owner is selling the car with all the “belongings” accumulated over the time of ownership. Stereo, alarm, a set of tyres, so who knows what else. Buying your first car, I think I got as a bonus, gorgeous sound, “alloy wheels”, and the address of the master, who knew my “swallow”. as “chipped”.

What do we have? Three minus five advantages, approximately equivalent. Yes, when buying a used car, we are seriously saving in terms of Finance, but, respectively, and risk. However, when we are frightened? The main thing, really, to follow a single principle – to think with their heads and not be afraid to ask knowledgeable people, such as us 🙂

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