When choosing a trailer for the car

When choosing a trailer for the car should be guided by the following criteria:

the purpose of using a hitch;

the intensity and conditions of use.

On-duty car trailers for passenger cars are classified as follows:

group 1 – trailers with a maximum mass not exceeding 0.75 tonnes;

group 2 – trailers of a maximum weight of which is in the range of 0.75 to 3.5 tons

Not all cars (especially the cars) and trailer platform compatible, so you should take into consideration:

the maximum mass of trailer (loaded the platform must not exceed the standard parameter set for your car);

compliance with the wheel hubs of the trailer and the vehicle (taking into account the size of disks and tyres of the trailer);

the presence on the trailer regular slots of the Jack;

the type of suspension (torsion, spring, lever-spring, and so on);

the presence of a braking system;

the number of axles (trailer can be uniaxial and biaxial);

the availability of supports for the shaft and clamps the flanges;

the ability to repair the trailer in your city;

availability of spare parts.

Important points to consider when buying automobile trailer

Even the highest quality car trailer car trailer can be damaged if you do not follow the rules of operation, regularly use the technique in off-road conditions, it is wrong to connect the device to overload the platform, potomu trailer selling involves certain risks.

Based on practical experience, experts recommend to buy a trailer to a car with a torsion or leaf spring suspension with shock absorbers damping oscillatory movements. This structural system is the most reliable, incredibly softens the hard way.

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a hitch, is the quality of the locking mechanism. Before buying transport need to know what the hitch will provide a solid connection between the tractor and trailer.

For movement with the trailer enough to be the owner of the rights category «» (but only if the maximum authorised mass of the trailer does not exceed 0.75 tonnes). Suppose another option is permissible maximum mass of the trailer must not be higher than the curb weight of the vehicle category «», and a maximum authorised mass of the combination of ‘car + trailer» does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

In the case when the car trailer car or two interconnected vehicles do not comply with these requirements, the driver must obtain additional rights of the category “E”.

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