Car repair Honda Accord

The reliability of cars Honda Accord no doubt from their owners. However, even these vehicles are prone to breakage, which may occur as a result of normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or other factors. Our service centre offers quality repair Honda accord different configurations, eliminating failure of any components and assemblies.

The list of services

Plumbing repair cars Honda Accord performed by our masters, includes the diagnosis, removal and installation of the various parts, as well as customize individual mechanisms. Users of our service have the opportunity to get it at such jobs as:

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Painting car parts.

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Honda is a leader in the rating of reliability of cars

Compiled regular rating of the quality of the cars and their reliability. First place was taken by the Japanese Honda.

Insurance company Warranty Direct has published a new rating cars for 2009. With the month of January was investigated over 50 thousand cars (250 models) aged 3 to 6 years. The leader was Honda. The likelihood of breakage of the cars of this brand was 10.59 per cent. Today it is the best indicator. On the second place car-Mazda. The percentage breakdown of these cars was 12,99%. Third place went to Toyota – 13,08%.

The reliability of the cars was estimated by number of cases the owners of these cars in service and on the average the amount of the invoice Continue reading

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