Looking for a set of tools for car

It took a set of professional tools for yourself or as a gift? Want to buy a really high quality instrument .

We suggest You pay attention to Professional German Tool “KS Tools” .

In a huge range of KS Tools over 20,000 items. Section 9 of the catalog C contains special autoincrement (tool for auto service). If You decided to buy a quality set of tools for car in the second section of the catalog features a huge selection of different sets. There You will find not only a set of tools for car but also a comprehensive set of tools for different applications (construction, plumbing, manufacturing, etc.). Tool from ” KS Tools Continue reading

Honda is a leader in the rating of reliability of cars

Compiled regular rating of the quality of the cars and their reliability. First place was taken by the Japanese Honda.

Insurance company Warranty Direct has published a new rating cars for 2009. With the month of January was investigated over 50 thousand cars (250 models) aged 3 to 6 years. The leader was Honda. The likelihood of breakage of the cars of this brand was 10.59 per cent. Today it is the best indicator. On the second place car-Mazda. The percentage breakdown of these cars was 12,99%. Third place went to Toyota – 13,08%.

The reliability of the cars was estimated by number of cases the owners of these cars in service and on the average the amount of the invoice Continue reading

Classes rentals


Our company offers rental cars of different classes. The variety of offerings allows customers to rent in Moscow auto brand necessary at the right time at affordable prices.

Economy. This class of cars is more compact (length to 3.90 m), presence of major security systems, reliability in operation. In complete there are air bags, anti-lock braking system, etc. For clients who decide to rent a car, we offer popular models Ford Focus, Opel Corsa, Skoda Fabia and other

Average. Renting a car of this class, thanks to a roomy body (length 3,90-4,70 m), allows you to provide a comfortable movement of 4-5 people and to place large Luggage. Focusing on the decision Continue reading

Amway Polish for auto reviews


SILICONE GLAZE™ Polish for cars

Protect your car from adverse weather conditions, at the same time returning his original beauty and Shine with Polish for car AMWAY™ Silicone Glaze. Safe for metal surfaces, in particular for the new cover hire, it leaves a nice glossy Shine, which does not tarnish after car washing detergents. Polishes for cars SILICONE GLAZE is not just a wax, and a special blend of chemicals designed to clean and Polish that gently removes dirt and remnants of the previous polishing tools, without damaging the outer surface of your car.

Volume: 500ml.

To see the catalogue Continue reading

When choosing a trailer for the car

When choosing a trailer for the car should be guided by the following criteria:

the purpose of using a hitch;

the intensity and conditions of use.

On-duty car trailers for passenger cars are classified as follows:

group 1 – trailers with a maximum mass not exceeding 0.75 tonnes;

group 2 – trailers of a maximum weight of which is in the range of 0.75 to 3.5 tons

Not all cars (especially the cars) and trailer platform compatible, so you should take into consideration:

the maximum mass of trailer (loaded the platform must not exceed the standard parameter set for your car);

compliance Continue reading

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Car repair
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American marketers called the most reliable cars
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